Welcome to Abbey Bell Catering

Welcome to Abbey Bell Catering! Who’s hungry? I am thrilled to be able to say those very words. Launching my own catering business has been a dream of mine for years. Over the past few months I have been stealthily making plans, taking business classes and, most importantly, testing recipes to make this dream come true.

I am a boutique caterer specializing in healthy, gourmet food. I cook with organic, locally-sourced food when available and look to get the most flavor out of a dish without weighing it down with excess fat. I offer a wide range of services, from catering your dinner party to stocking your fridge with a week’s worth of delicious, nourishing meals. Whether you’re hosting a brunch, luncheon or intimate dinner, I’ll partner with you to craft a menu tailored to your taste. Want to learn how to cook for your friends? I can help there too!

Here in my blog, I’ll share with you menus I’ve created for parties, what I’m stocking my client’s fridges with, what’s inspiring me in my own kitchen, memorable meals I’ve had, and lots of pictures to sink your teeth into. I welcome your feedback and look forward to giving you a glimpse into my foodie head.


P.S. Want to know more? Contact me today!